Screenshot / The Dogwood Inn


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    comment below
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    pure awesomeness !!!

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    dude i fucking love that 

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    Classy!  Do those reel cars move round the track?

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    ^I think they're meant to be tables but I could be wrong.

    Love it. Well done sir

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    Could still be a revolving restaurant. don't think you could get peeps in it without it completing a circuit anyways.

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    wow i love that building/ride
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    Love it! Wish I had the patience to use codex like you do. 

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    They are tables. Was fairly tricky to get them all in place with the peeps, but I got it to stick.


    I really like using codex. Considering how tedious it all is, codex is very smooth and easy to use. The peep friendly path is where I use it most. It's a bitch to do a dirt path like this, but it's key to the theme and has not been done right in LL since OZONE's Trinity Glades. 

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    Love it!

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    Very well done!

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    The resturant itself is really nice but it doesn't fit with it's surroundings much. You have a bright building then browns and a dark cemetery next to it.

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