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    Freaking hilarious and creative...your park's color tones work well with the 3 maze types.
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    For brave warriors like Victoria K., the Red Balloon is a badge of honor among their peers...

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    ......but for some, the glory can be fleeting.

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    Props to a creative idea.  Love the layers!

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    Now I'm lost on the overall concept again but this is great nonetheless. Putting game mechanics front and center again.

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    cBass always messes with the mind Liam. Most think it started with BOMB or Outpost, but it was really Wisc.
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    Now I'm lost on the overall concept again...


    Confession time: For the first time ever in my RCT lifetime, I built a park with absolutely no theme in mind. It goes against everything I've always stood for as a parkmaker. I just wanted to fool around and make a park, one that looked like fun for the peeps and is fun to look at. I developed 3 varying styles of architecture and landscaping, but even those were added after all of the rides were built.


    The concept that you had been latching onto was only added when I absolutely had to give names to the rides other than "Miniature Railway 1", etc., and to the park itself.


    So there you have it. cBass made a park about nothing. :-)

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    Always nice to see new work from a real veteran player! Cool idea this, nice way to make use of the different maze textures, and nicely executed.


    Arguably, "nothing" is a theme though!

  • Description

    Borrowing an idea from my Wisconsin park, this trio of maze attractions offers guests an opportunity to obtain the rare Red Balloon, but only after completing each maze in order. This is enforced using NO ENTRY banners. As a final challenge, the Red Balloon stall is patrolled by a security guard and a ferocious tiger.

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