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    No surprises this year, but still lots of news. First of all there's the expanded restaurant. The space freed up by the northern chairlift station has been put to good use! We planned on having a large seating area at the pond, but due to a design error we failed to get the planning permission in time. It won't be ready until next season.


    At the other end of the former chairlift we developed a new area that fits within the 'green plan'. Instead of using this new open space for mechanical rides, we hired a landscape architect to design some new castle gardens for us. The new gardens feature a hedge maze as well as some hanging gardens.




    Parking lot
    At last we opened our new parking lot this year. At first we expected the development to be a big juridical puzzle, because of the various houses standing blocking access to the main road. Luckily, one of the residents happened to be Sjaak Trekhaark senior, the dementia suffering father of one of our local sponsors Sjaak Trekhaak junior of the garage company. In a single meeting we arranged the man to be shipped off to a nursing home. We bought the land plot and demolished the building, which luckily wasn't of any architectural value.

    The entry to the parking lot lies about 100 metres from the old entry. Visitors now have to pay two guilders to park their car. Parking used to be free, but the quality difference is obvious.


    Dirt and pebbles besmirching and damaging cars are now a thing of the past. Visitors no longer have to navigate through a maze of parked cars to get to the park, instead they are now pointed in the right direction by a large, pedestrian-only promenade. The entrance square has undergone some minor alterations of course, but the whole entrance will be revamped eventually.


    Next year
    We regret seeing the chairlift go, and with it the peaceful views over the pond and the surrounding gardens. In 1993 we will open a ferris wheel in the same area to compensate for this loss. In addition to that we will finally present a new major ride again...

    An overview of the park in its current state:


    Entrance fee children (<15 year): fl. 12,-
    Entrance fee adults (15 to 65 year): fl. 14,50
    Entrance fee elders (65+): fl. 12,-
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    i LOVE the restaurant. also the new entry is looking great

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    Oh, I like it.

    The gardens have a really nice atmosphere and the restaurant looks very friendly.


    Poor Sjaak Trekhaark senior though :(

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    Man, poor Sjaak Trekhaark senior. I used to chat with him every time I was in the park, back in the day. How could you do that to this nice old man :(

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    That restaurant is actually pretty nice

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    That restaurant is actually pretty nice

    Implying you don't like the rest of the park? :p
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    This looks very nice even though it's against my religion to ever remove chairlifts.

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