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    Only thing I don't like is those big egyptian texture bricks. Always hated them :p


    Rest is great, you really rock purple

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    ^Agree - they keep looking like a good idea by themselves in the object window, but as soon as you put them in the environment they stick out in a weird way.


    And agree that the rest is great. I'd perhaps cover the merry-go-round, or build some type of latticework there. 

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    Those red white and blue path covers are great. 

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    very good, I liked the train line
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    Planters and elevation change are perfect. Always love to see work from you dude
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    I like the dips ride quite a bit, but it does seem like the carousel looks a bit bare compared to the rest of the screen.

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    I like this a lot, nice work :)

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    Glad to see the side-friction coaster getting some more love it deserves.


    Very nicely laid out piece of parkmaking here.

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    Very nice!  Picturesque.  I really like the red/white/blue round covers.

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    Cute coaster. I like people that use underused coaster types. This isnt grey enough to be dirty american realism.
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    Love to see the side friction coaster, gives it a classic vibe. Also love how you incorporate diagonals a lot.
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    thanks everyone

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    This is adorable

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