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    Wow, this is really interesting. I find that it’s pretty unique and makes use of some textures and techniques that I don’t think I’ve really seen before. I like it!
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    I feel like in this screen you put experimenting ahead of creating a pretty scene. Architecture is too incohesive, and the landscaping looks a bit underdeveloped. That coaster queue has potential but it needs something. The screen needs something, to tie it all together.


    I hope you will revisit some of this, the potential is there!

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    love the pathwork and landscaping especially around the bottom and the buildings along the top look really nice
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    Looks good overall.. just maybe one too many building textures I think? The bathroom stall usage is unique.  I think I would probably change the red rock roof to the wooden roof texture that you have elsewhere. 


    Otherwise, the landscaping looks solid. The blue highlights are nice as well.

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    Really digging the blue rapids work.
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    Thanks for the comments. I adjusted some of the buildings to fit the theme better - the buildings to the left were some of the first I built in the area, so they're more varied and experimental. This is the most experimental foliage I've done on the whole map, too (No bullrushes!). I think this screen is also a poor crop - I wanted to show the coaster queue and the sea cliffs so it's a bit unfocused. The station building looks bigger and grander from the other angles, seen here. 

    Attached Image: SCR45.png

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    I think it's nice but somewhat forcibly different because you felt you had to.

  • Description

    Perched between the sea-battered coastline and imposing ridgeline lies a small village. The remains of an ancient temple to the God of the Sun, Apollo, tower over the quiet hamlet below.

    The townsfolk live an agrarian lifestyle, cultivating fruits and grains in the surrounding foothills to ensure their survival. Tourists come and go during the summer months, their ignorant vacations perhaps the only reason the villa has not yet been forgotten.

    A cool breeze rolls in on the tops of foaming waves. The sun drenches grapevines and olive trees, tanning their fruits perfectly. It is a perfect day in Capestrano; perhaps the watchful eyes of Apollo and Pomona still rest on the seaside.

    The final chapter of The Good Earth. With this, the seven unique landscapes and the stories that they hold have been revealed. It is a microcosm of natural history, humanity, and all that lie between them.

    I have made steady progress on this park. I'm hoping for a February or March 2020 release. If you're interested in getting a sneak peek as I get close to completion, send me a pm.

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