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    Best screen yet I reckon.  Atmosphere and composition of this is great, feels so "RCT" but fresh at the same time.  Great work.

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    I love this.


    Be careful with the foliage though - don't want it to venture too close to clutter.


    Station and queue look sweet!

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    Well composed, indeed. Great trick with the path on the station roof, too.


    From what I think I can tell by the train, this is a hyper coaster? I do wish the coaster had a more visible "finale" that guests could see (if only from the queue). Right now there's a good amount of breathing room for everything but I think you could still strike a nice balance even with a better ending for the coaster.

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    Oh Otter, I can't resist your stuff. It's wonderful as always. Try not to overfoliage again, even though you do foliage super well by now.

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    you have this nack for composition and you make me want to build this kind of NCSO.

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    I'll cut back on some of the foliage! Thank you for the advice!

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    I like this. Idk the rocks in the back could be a bit more rocky.

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