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    Virginia Reel design? The name Cow Factory reminds me of the game Amnesia 2. Good looking archy here. Looking forward to the final product
  • Recurious%s's Photo
    Very nice! Loving the Virginia Reel!
  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo
    Curious to see how this comes together as a whole.
  • Mattk48%s's Photo

    Amazing. I really love this, so atmospheric. Normally I try to offer constructive criticism but I got nothin here. Finish-er up

  • maddkattunge%s's Photo

    I love the bridges and also the playground with everything so perfectly tiny!

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    This is great

  • In:Cities%s's Photo

    You're an honorary American now.

  • RWE%s's Photo

    Reminds me of Riverland... nice!

  • Jene%s's Photo

    Looks great! I really like those arches and the industrial/steampunk theme.

  • ar2910%s's Photo

    Wonderful structure! There is a superb balance between the solidity of the industrial, and the superfluous embellishments of the Belle Epoque :)


    I'm not quite sure about the bright reddish-orange roof in the top left corner though. I feel like the arch on the left should abutt something perpendicular, like the one on the right. Also, the colour is a bit jarring, and may be better if it was muted a little.


    However the detailing and clearly considered form of the buildings makes this a great screen :) Kudos!

  • Chocotopian%s's Photo

    I like the production-line feel given off by the choice of Virginia Reel tubs on the track. Great weighty feel too, but with good colour choices that stop it being too heavy.

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