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    D-day is here; with adding three rides to our park, the transformation into a theme park has begun! We're proud to present our flagship ride, the undisputed eyecatcher, 'Het Kanon' ('The Cannon')! Het Kanon is a unique and hyper modern rollercoaster from Germany. Needless to say, guest response has been very positive so far!


    A new path in the back of the park leads to a new yet to develop area. As of now it is populated by two new small rides, a merry go round and a swinger. Some new restrooms have been installed as well.


    Previously we mentioned sponsors. We found two; one local company, and a well-known multinational. The Old Timers are called 'Sjaak Trekhaak's Oldtimers' from now on, named after the local garage owner. In exchange, Sjaak will cover the operational and maintenance costs for that ride. Main sponsor however, is Coca Cola. Several signs and adverts have been added throughout the park, with more to come as the park expands.

    An aerial picture taken recently:


    During the winter we'll evaluate this year. Depending on the outcome, the second leg of our expansion plan will unfold in either 1984 or 1985. See you next year!

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    I dislike the bench object in the first screen. The rest is really pretty. Really like this project.

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    That shuttle loop screen is the best thing you've posted in ages.

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    Sjaak Trekhaak... I lost it. Nice take on Kannon. The roofs definitely need some more work, i tend to put deco trims on the edges, it looks well. Or maybe some of those steel ventilation tube thingies.
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    Love the shuttle loop, but not sure about the wodden structure beneath it. Otherwise great screens, really falling in love with this project :)

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    I love the kanon shuttle.

    Do you have Coca Cola signs? :p

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    Thanks everyone!


    @Wouter: I agree that the roof needs some more stuff but I simply forgot to add it, so thanks for mentioning! Trims around the edges is probably what I'll do.


    @MCI: just imagine it's steel!


    @Arjan: noy specifically, but I made them out of objects on the bench. You can see a small one at the bottom right corner of the first screen.

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    The way you make it look as though every part of the park is being carved out of the forest is really nice. The chair-swing looks particularly good to me, and the minimal structural stuff around it helps to emphasise the ride itself. Very clean work.

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