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    My one gripe is that it looks really cramped; especially the dodgems building and the other green and white building with Excalibur. I imagine it's the 'boardwalk feel' that you're going for but I still think it would benefit [from a viewing perspective] from a little more breathing room between rides and buildings. I especially feel that although the chairswing looks amazing it's almost too close to the dodgems which seems a little too forced to me.

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    Actually I love how everything is just so tight here. 

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    That swing ride is phenomenal. May ask you to make me one for BGA :p

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    That is the best custom flat I've seen in a very long time.

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    that is the best carousel type cover ever, really excellent work. so hard to make something new these days and that is phenomenal 

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    That's innovation! Awesome work man. The surroundings are technically very good too, but it looks too clinical. It has not come to life yet.

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    All the grey really kills the atmosphere for me.

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    I LOVE this park please say that it will be getting released sometime soon.

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    Very unique creations, looking forward to see more!

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    Love it.  Definitely very gray but it's a boardwalk so there's a lot of that obviously.  That dodgems roof is phenomenal

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    Love it.  Definitely very gray but it's a boardwalk so there's a lot of that obviously.  That dodgems roof is phenomenal



    i actually recall seeing pretty much that exact same roof in starpointe




    not that it matters, it's only one small detail

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    inthemanual confirmed plagiarist.

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    Meh, enough of it is different that I'd say it's not plagiarized...just heavily inspired. 

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    My flags are turned 90 degrees guys, its way different.

    In actuality, mine is an ornamental roof detail framed between two towers and pac's is an entrance arch. Same technique,same structure, but different purposes and executions.

    And pac gave me an OK.

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    that fucking swinger.

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    I'd love to see some planters or colorful stands to break up the grey but you may already be planning to do that.


    This is fucking brilliant though and I love how crammed in everything is because that's very realistic for this type of park.

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    @GDB I'm pretty sure we are all freaking out about how awesome the striped roof is. The arch is indeed done tastefully, but its the roof over the swinger that is really so awesome. 

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    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    @stoksy, there's more breathing room from other angles, this was just the shot that could fit everything in it nicely. There really isn't much else room to move the swinger away, and it's not as tight from the other sides.


    @poke and bill: there'll be a bit of greenery on the backside of the supports from here, probably just potted plants, and a ride/structure filling most of the large gray space on the near side of the screen, so the grayness shouldn't be a problem.


    @those complaining about copying: you're implying that nobody else can ever do a trackitecture roof like that ever because pac did it once, and that's silly.


    @ the rest: I'm surprised the swinger got the attention it did. It took me a few iterations, and I'm happy with it, I just didn't expect it to be the "best custom flat ... in a long time". I did also lose a bit of what's in the screen to an error trap (the arrow supports behind the Hammerhead, and the queue fences around the swinger) so if there's any suggestions about improving either of those, now's the time to let me know

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