Screenshot / Brightwood Castle


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    The inclusion of the different scenery pieces to make that rambling roofline is superb! A very Alton Towers vibe :)


    The castle theming is done well for a peepable LL park :)


    Great screen, kudos!

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    Looks super promising.
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    That nostalgic RCT spirit.

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    yes mate i love stuff like this

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    I love the openness! Looks like a great project, and it's very tempting to start a similar park...

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    Very charming. I think mown grass would work well here.

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    Wonderful, love the fact this is also peepable!

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    Rarely do single wide paths look this good! The inspiration shines through, this really looks to be built with a lot of enthusiasm.


    That nostalgic RCT spirit.

    Definitely, few have managed to conjure it as well as Poke has here, while at the same time not resorting to an overly "naive" or simplistic style.

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    haaaa loved it, it reminded me of my old RCT days :)

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