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    Maybe you should just try making the dinosaur with coaster track rather than coaster trains. A monorail or an inverted track could work.
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    is this a design or park m8


    looking really good, loving the feel


    I guess in roller coaster tycoon, gamers uh, find a way

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    great screen!


    I agree with Wouter on the neck part. Monorail can't go that steep down. maybe invert coaster or swing coaster track?


    Also I'm not a huge fan of the tin wall in the grey gate. (where the monotrain is passing trough)


    other then that great screen!

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    i think the coaster train is a really cool idea. i say keep it. looking really awesome 

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    I like the track as the neck/tail personally, I think its a nice unique touch and looks quite authentic and sort of scale like as dinosaurs had. Good effort, rest of the screen is good too.

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    I think the coaster neck makes sense if it was a skeleton, not a living dinosaur. So cool idea, but wrong application. The rest is lovely.

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    The coaster neck is amazing.
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    Archy looks great, amazing atmosphere. That pink building has some crazy illustrations to it, which i love, though may not make sense here. The pink poles on the front awning connect to the back roof, making them look like supports. 


    The coaster neck is fun, i think it works. My main problem is how boxy the main body looks. Difficult to tell without seeing in game, but i would work on making that more smooth and organic, maybe with some ride track. 

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    That peach buiding messes with my mind.


    Great screen otherwise. My only suggestion is to give your buildings more purpose. Perhaps a couple signs or racks outside saying what they are.

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    Very good at micro level, very incohesive at macro level.

    Awesome chubby dinosaur.
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    I would like to see more color in the architecture to bring out the details, but nevertheless it looks incredible.
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    awesome dinosaur statue. pretty close to robbie's work (not really copied though) both in style and almost in quality too :D

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    The purple and teal buildings both read a little odd to me. This is really awesome though.
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    The coaster idea for the neck of the dinosaur is unique and inventive. This will be a amazing design. Excellent work also on all the buildings on the plaza
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    i feel the same way liam does, and to note i'm not feeling the atmosphere as intensely as some are suggesting through their comments or in similar releases to this (e.g. brachiosaurus by fr3ak)


    speaking of that design, something it did right that i think you can apply to this park is indeed cohesion. it'll allow people to appreciate the area rather than just each structure one-by-one


    details like that dinosaur are fucking killer though



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    Might I also suggest either of the open-air monorail cars? I think they'd fit with the theme a lot more.

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    Might I also suggest either of the open-air monorail cars? I think they'd fit with the theme a lot more.


    the retro ones, specifically. nice job on the monorail supports, stos

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    ^That's a good idea, listen to itm.


    I like the coaster train for the neck.  It's really creative and unique.  I do agree though that the body is a little boxy so try to improve that somehow.

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    there isn't like a clear architectural style, but I don't really care, because dinosaur doesn't imply one sort of architecture. its just a sort of tropical mish-mash and IMO it actually works.

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