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    Love the alternating colours on the virginia reel and the buildings remind me (in a good way) of BGSS. Only complaint is the path looks too clean/empty somehow?

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    This is curvy. Quite likeable. Agree with alex on the alternating colours. Nice touch.

  • ][ntamin22%s's Photo
    Lovely classic style. The pink wood rails with the brown car ride is juicy.
  • In:Cities%s's Photo

    Yooo I love this. It's unique and easy to read. Excellent work.

  • ar2910%s's Photo

    So superbly sinuous! 


    The use of the shops and stalls is absolutely spot on, and the colour scheme is very immersive :)

  • Cocoa%s's Photo

    great atmosphere. I worry that some of your vertical/horizontal lines in this composition "overlap" to create a sort of weird effect where structures sort of blur in an illusion-y way into each other. its not a huge deal and hard to fix here without major work but in general its a good thing to keep in mind going ahead- introducing some assymetry and space between vertical/diagonal elements etc so that its easier to read. I know liampie goes on about this phenomenon occasionally

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    this whips colors pretty

  • ottersalad%s's Photo
    So much character here. Love the Virginia Reel
  • Jappy%s's Photo

    So glad so see someone using Vifginia Reel as an actual ride and not only as trackitecture. Love the colours in this. Great work!

  • MrTycoonCoaster%s's Photo
    Lovely :)

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