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    Err, not really a fan.  Micro wise its solid I guess but it just doesn't come together at all for me.  Might be the angle too but idk...


    The first screen was fantastic because of the coaster interaction, open spaces, fresh theming/archy style and just general atmosphere you created.


    None of htat really seems to exist here, its pretty cramped and cold which feels very anti-Ancient Egypt to me.  When I think of Ancient Egypt I think of grant monuments built in huge sprawling complexes.  And a culture that was one with their natural environment and landscape.  This doesn't really feel like that at all.


    Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but you could do so much better in my opinion.

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    A change of pathing to something other than gray tarmac could do wonders.

    I do like the creative use of candy blocks under the pyramids. A nice touch of pattern / color.
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    I like the tarmac. Adds to the cooler colour pallete you have going on with the flowers and awnings. Nice contrast with the structures.
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    So much path. Not sure if the green is helping, I think it may look better as actual grass or foliage poking through to break up the flat monotony. Some harsher contrast (perhaps through the awning colors) would be nice to see as well. 

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    Change the grass to beach sand. Might help
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    The grass around the splash boat splashdown area is good, but I agree on adding some sand if possible. I agree that the path type holds this back. The theming is great though.

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    Surprised by the negativity to be honest. I think this is rather good stuff. I love the clear theming and good object choice. It's very difficult to find something that works this well in NCSO. Good job Faas.

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    wow that green tarmac is huge. love it. could perhaps make it less square by cutting some corners on the boxes of it but its a cool idea

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    This is awesome. Love it dude. Keep it going. 

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    Liking the area layout, especially where it overlooks the splash. Interesting use of the candy objects on the pyramid too. I think you can make the tarmac work if you change or remove the green path somehow. Maybe add a warmer accent somewhere? Idk.

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    I'm a fan Faas! Love it! Maybe some fences around those palms on the green path, but you're approach to this NCSO is stellar!

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    Drop the concrete, go all greeen.



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