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    This is going to look incredible with peeps.

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    hmm, It's great with a lot of details etc.

    But isn't the scale smaller in compare with the other parts in the park?

    Beside that, Keep up the great work ! I can see your park is making good and fast progress.

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    I love this smaller scale personally. It's really fresh to see you build so small, I don't know haha. Immense though, really. 

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    I think that the scale is accurate here; it is perhaps deceptive because the buildings only have one floor, whereas in other areas there are several.


    It's really wonderful watching this streamed as you see the process that you go through as well as gaining a better understanding as to the composition of the respective buildings and foliage.

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    Wow I really like this screen. I'm not always a fan of your style but this is really good. 

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    It does remind me of PortAventura (particularly cause i've been working on that :p )


    It's very plain, very white, very grey, which is perfect. Really well done.

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    Great atmosphere.

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    One of the best screens you've shown in a long time. Fantastic.


    Small suggestion, maybe add bobsled track to the ride j/k

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    i think no bobsled cause it isn`t a flume . i think it`s a super splash so i like it ^^

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    This is exactly what the Tahendo Zoo China area was meant to look like Bravo dude. My favorite stuff from you in a long time.

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    This is really gray, but the little bits of colors here and there make it come together pretty nicely. And the architecture is obviously amazing.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. There's still a lot I want to add to the area, in terms of food kiosks and guest interaction areas, so hopefully it'll seem less drab once those are in.


    Oh, and scale-wise, it uses the same scale for a "ground floor" that the rest of the park uses, but the buildings are all one story. Also, with many of the roofs extending half of a tile beyond the walls, it makes the buildings look deceptively smaller than they are.

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