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    Damn, revenge of the megastructures!

    The scale is super cool.  If you're up for it I'd suggest a little bit more nuts & bolts approach for the building - just a hint here and there of girders, braces, support columns, interior details like lighting fixtures or cableways.  I think that really sells the structure as being grounded, a place you could walk through and avoids feeling like a paper-thin RCT box.

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    Speaking of mega structures, was there ever a time Split and NW were active at the same time while I was gone? Mega structures all about I'm sure if so! Love the signage and scope and glass and fun.
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    APRIL 2028 / No. 4


    As S.S. Infinity is cruising at close to light speed towards the star Tau Ceti to visit the potentially habitable exoplanet Eos, there are probably many back here on Earth who spend a lot of time thinking about what it would be like to be aboard this gigantic spaceship,and what the passengers will find upon reaching Eos.

    Well, beginning today, anyone identifying with this habit will get an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in this fantasy without actually embarking on the 16-year long journey - because today marks the opening day of Journey to Eos, a theme park dedicated to S.S. Infinity's epic journey and the amazing scientific and engineering breakthroughs that have been made in connection to the effort to reach Eos.

    Largely kept under wraps by the World Space Agency (WSA), the exact features of the theme park have not been publicly known, until today.

    "We are very excited to finally open up to the public", said Keisuke Akashima, head of WSA. "And to reveal all the content that this park is packed with. We hope that there will be something for everyone - if you are already an Eos and S.S. Infinity dork, you will get to live out your im agination and get nerdy with tech exhibitions and exact, one-to-one scale replicas of several systems, and likewise, if you have never heard of this whole venture, this might be what converts you into a devout follower - if not, at least we have plenty of thrilling rides. Regardless, you cannot miss the area of the park devoted to Eos itself - this m ight just be the closest experience to actually being on an Earth-like exoplanet that you will ever get".

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