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    So fucking cool

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    The sky wall into space was more or less the same idea I had for spaceport omega with travel to the lands/planets...

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    How did you make twilight gradation on the wall? Did you use scorched wall custom object or something?

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    I dont know why but this is phenomanal

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    Yeah all the screens are really cool. Now I don’t want to start a flame war or anything like that, but I would love to know where you got the idea. Spaceport omega has been around over a decade, and this seems unoriginal considering that. Though I’ll admit this is executed better than the old park. I just don’t think credit to you is deserved for the concept.
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    We should take "Best Idea" notes now for next year's awards to make our lives easier @admins.


    I love this Splitvision.

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    Agreed, this is already at least a candidate. Wow.
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    @secondrun - I made a fade effect object that was originally meant to smooth out transitions between walls/land and the RCT background, but I realized it could be used for other thing as well if I made it colorable, like making gradient transitions. Hope to see other players find creative uses for this object! 


    @Timothy Cross - I believe 100% that you had this idea before me.

    You can have all the credit for it, that's not important to me and I  have no issue with it whatsoever. 100% honestly though, even if I might have remembered somewhere in the back of my mind that you had a space-themed park in the works, I did not look at Spaceport Omega at all before building this, and after a 10 year hiatus from NE, it's not like I remember any details from it (it was actually released after I stopped frequenting NE). While building, I did look at a few "space/science expo" parks, such as Faas' Spacetopia, Kumba's and Xcoaster's Scientifica, and Ling's Kepler Science Education Center, but not Spaceport Omega, as it is unfinished (?) and also doesn't seem to focus so heavily on the exhibition aspect. I just knew I had to include a launch section from Earth into space for this ride as it is part of the storytelling, so again, I want to assure you it is just a coincidence and I definitely did not try to rip off your ideas. Will give Spaceport Omega a look now that it's been brought up!


    Glad you peeps otherwise like this! :)

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    This kicks so much ass. Downloading now.

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    Yeah Split, it's like you hacked my brain and stole the park concept and this idea with the sky wall in particular right out, haha.


    Downloaded the park. Awesome stuff.

  • Description


    APRIL 2028 / No. 4


    As S.S. Infinity is cruising at close to light speed towards the star Tau Ceti to visit the potentially habitable exoplanet Eos, there are probably many back here on Earth who spend a lot of time thinking about what it would be like to be aboard this gigantic spaceship,and what the passengers will find upon reaching Eos.

    Well, beginning today, anyone identifying with this habit will get an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in this fantasy without actually embarking on the 16-year long journey - because today marks the opening day of Journey to Eos, a theme park dedicated to S.S. Infinity's epic journey and the amazing scientific and engineering breakthroughs that have been made in connection to the effort to reach Eos.

    Largely kept under wraps by the World Space Agency (WSA), the exact features of the theme park have not been publicly known, until today.

    "We are very excited to finally open up to the public", said Keisuke Akashima, head of WSA. "And to reveal all the content that this park is packed with. We hope that there will be something for everyone - if you are already an Eos and S.S. Infinity dork, you will get to live out your im agination and get nerdy with tech exhibitions and exact, one-to-one scale replicas of several systems, and likewise, if you have never heard of this whole venture, this might be what converts you into a devout follower - if not, at least we have plenty of thrilling rides. Regardless, you cannot miss the area of the park devoted to Eos itself - this m ight just be the closest experience to actually being on an Earth-like exoplanet that you will ever get".

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