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    Classic style archy with modern foliage objects is a wonderful combination.  Looking great!  

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    I'm really quite impressed with this. Everything just feels so right. I feel as if there is something I could critique, but I am failing to find something. It's really quite stunning to see something this cunningly crafted from RCT Classic. Props on that!


    Now I am like, real excited, to see more! 

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    Love it.

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    0% for this:

    Attached Image: Screenshot_20170822-230258.png
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    Truly beautiful, I really love the archy too. 

    However, the whole thing feels a bit cold, maybe it's the coaster's colors? 

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    Yasss Steve!! Very excited for this

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    Feels like BSG mixed with LL. I like it, but I agree with Julow, it looks a bit cold somehow. Nonetheless this looks great. I love how the queue goes over the water like that.

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    It's really good, but I think the foliage is too washed out. You've got pastel buildings so I think the foliage and in particular the tall palms should be the stronger green to make it work.

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    oh steve, i love you.

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    I think alex makes a good point. Only way to save this from being garbage
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    I love this. I think the foliage colors are perfect like this.

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    I disagree about making the trees a more saturated color. I <3 the palate that's going on right now.

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    Awesome work! Love it!

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    I really like this. I dont mind the foliage colours at all.
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    Thanks for the kind words, boys.

    itm, that's a wise move. I will rectify this, though, hahah. Good eye!

    Alex/Liam, a good point indeed. I'll play around with that a bit.

    Regarding the coaster colors and, again, the foliage -- I'll see what I can do. I am trying some new things as we speak. Thanks again, dudes!
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    youre a good boy stevie

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    Just beautiful. Love you Steve. Can't think of anyone else at the site capable of creating such warmth in RCT right now.

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    Great work here Steve.


    To really kick this park up a notch, I just checked out the gallery for this project, I think you need a few more splashes of color throughout the entire park. Right now, the only color you have are the coaster tracks, everything is more on the muted side of things. Maybe just something to keep in mind as this project keeps moving along.

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