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    I like the park stuff itself. The buildings become a little hard to read with all the track use outside of the park. Interesting choice to have it go over the road and into a building!

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    Man that golden building is sick!

    Love how the coaster pops up across the street. I'd absolutely love to see that in real life!


    Good stuff.

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    I know I'm sensational

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    Thanks guys!


    I know I'm sensational



    Actually it's "Shensational" as in Shen Kitchen on the discord.  But yes, Scoop, you are pretty sensational.  Nice YT series you have going on there.

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    The coaster station is great.. love how you continued the color scheme and style of the food stall. 

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    Really awesome! Love the use of the skull over the path and that blue/tan colour combo.

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    Love the upside down ice cream cone building even though I think all the buildings along there feel a little large and maybe kind of out of scale.  


    The layout is my favorite thing, though.  Great flow and believable elements.  Of a number of these entries I've seen, this layout was definitely the best.

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