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    this looks smooth and classy, sg

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    I implore you to brighten this whippin invert up with supports that don't match the earthy brown footpath!


    Really wholesome stuff.

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    Love the composition of this.

    It does remind of the topic of “does the transfer track work?”... well no this one doesn’t as there isn’t one :p
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    With the invert's colors and some tricks like the sign turned backwards at the station, I'm getting some Steppenwolf vibes with this...and I love it!  It needs some splashes of color, maybe like some blue or yellow flowers, to help liven up the area.  Well done

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    Thanks! And actually I've yet to check out Steppenwolf.. just did.. and damn its great. The box supports you have are way better than what I came up with

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    Blood red supports might be nice on this but idk. I think you could maybe improve the lift supports so they're bulkier but other than that I love this.
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    I think a splash of yellow somewhere would look good. Very heavy on the red/brown as is. 

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    This is hot. A brighter accented color like what csw suggested would help out. 

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    Very nice.  Are the bumper cars supposed to be livestock?


    Also the coaster color helps break it up a lot but I do think one more trim color would help break up the brown.  Also, try a mowed grass finisher on the negative space when you wrap it up.

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    i love this, echo the comments above and maybe remove some supports? especially on the diagonal brakes

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    Maybe your best work/screen. The red accents work great!

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