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    I think there's too much blank space that makes the screen look unfinished. Especially by the path on the left side. I love the teal queue cover though, very well executed. 

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    Yeah I mightve been hasty posting the screenshot.. definitely not finished on the left side of the shot. 

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    That little boardwalk path section and queue for the boats ride is very pretty.

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    I like the simplicity of the photo, my favourite bit is the use of rides for the roof in the far right. The colours of the photo as a whole feel warm and calming to me.

    Criticism is the same as mentioned above in that there's a few empty patches currently.

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    Aqua Topia's roof is a winner.

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    That teal roof is excellent.  And I love the windows you have on different buildings on this scene.


    I'd echo what was said above: looks a bit unfinished.

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    Aqua Topia building is perfect- especially love the glass/ rotating cabin roof (maybe experiment with cabin colour settings- might get an even better look!)

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