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    Very strong Dutch realism. Well done Faas.

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    Nice screen, Faas. And recognizable too.

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    Good stuff, and it looks pretty dutch.

    Be carefull with the trunks though. Maybe cover them up with some underbush so that they don't stand out so much. You could also change the order in tile inspector so that the bottom tree doesn't glitch with the bikes.

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    Ooh I like the scaffolding on the buildings on the left, cool detail! Would it be possible to add a canvas cover to parts of the scaffolding, as you often see in real life? Something see-through, kinda like the texture that the bobsled track has (although it has to be flat and vertical). Maybe glass walls+some mesh wall could do the trick. Unless of course it becomes too busy or too eye-catching. As for the rest of the screen, I really dig it, quite busy with detail and almost a bit cramped but that's what makes it believably Dutch.

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    That horse statue with an entertainer on the top has become your signature hasn't it? Full of Faas charm, as I've come to expect from you.


    The scaffolding doesn't work for me sadly. Not like this. I suggest getting rid of those supports and using single poles instead, this looks waaay too bulky.

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    Nice bikes and that scaffolding.  Although I'm not familiar with the setting there is an air of authenticity to it both in the style and the urban detailing.

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    I just love this SO much! Verse vis enal...
    Your buildings are stunning. If it had photorealistic grafics in stead of these rct pixle-blocks, you wouldn't be able to tell your work from the real deal...

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    WTF! I loved all, was nice :)  :D

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    Great screen Faas. I like that you even added the public urinals. I recognized it as Utrecht before I read the info, so I think you've really got the right atmosphere.
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    Despite the theme, don't be afraid of breaking from the grid. 

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    Love it

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    This is without a doubt my favorite screen from you! Really looking forward to this :)

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