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    fucking love that gravity wall. great job on nailing the dutch look, too. might be the most authentic we’ve seen.
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    Looks great, maybe could have the flat roofs be a little more uniform in their textures/colors

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    Flink <3

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    Distinctly Faas and typical Dutch. Love it 

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    i feel like i remember you pointing that building out to me. neato

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    The glass turret is fantastic

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    too many cars

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    Lovely stuff, very atmospheric and very believable. It's packed with details. The trees near the  X HENG X building looks a bit floaty to me though ;)

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    Nice one Faas. Lol at the garbage in the water getting stuck at the outlet. Nice detail.

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    It reminds me of Utrecht quite a lot. Really nice!

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    Visit the woo, and score some snerpende hertjes at the apenrots. Let uncle Duo pay! Vo! You irreële pilsrups!

    Just make sure you aren't run over by foreign students that have to ride bikes in a city new for them under time pressure, because other students and yuppies are too lazy to go downstairs to visit the supermarket that is literally around the corner.

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