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    This looks beautiful! Would also be great to see another version of this with the whole uruk thing going on.

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    Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have the time to add more or make changes to this park. I finished this almost a year ago and haven't touched it since. The park is uploaded and waiting approval. Have fun with it once it's up.

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    yeaaaaah boy this is so sick!

    Great work!

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    Very impressive opening set of screens! Do you plan on making any other LOTR's themed parks/have any existing?


    Super cool!

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    This is sick mate!

    Very well done

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    Always good to see truly unique stuff done with RCT. Thanks for sending this in.

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    Those are fun to make... at least I am 25% sure of it :)


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    This looks crazy good from the overview, great use of landscape. Really nice model of Orthanc as well.

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