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    I like it, are you going to make all of Edoras?

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    This would look better with some sort of trim on the top to break up the mass of brown roof texture that currently I'd hurting the form of the building. You might want to do we thing with all the gray as well, add foilage or change up the colors.
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    ^I don't think that I'll build all of Edoras, but I have 3 house from an LOTR Sketch I plan to Build. And since People liked them I'll revive 2 buildings, which I've shown in an earlier screenshot.

    @cocoa: In case you read this, I've torn down the station building ;)
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    Haha id forgotten that anyway, was just gonna say nice details but it seems quite small for a great hall
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    Thanks for your advice. I'll add some trims to the roof. I'm also not fully content with the grey ness of the rock work, may be I'll fill in some black and dark brown bits - especially since brown became a theme ;) -

    As for the scale. This picture is my inspiration source. Scale wise doesn't it offer much, or at least I don't see it. Cocoa, what would you do?

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    Meduseld :)

    You nailed it.

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    Thank you MCI. Since I know what a LOTR Fanboy you are, I'm glad to hear you like it.


    Although I'm not yet fully convinced by it - it's yet to brownish. I will try to put on some more details without ruining the simplicity of the original Golden Hall of Meduseld ;)

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    Yup, this looks like Meduseld.

    Edoras is a great setting for RCT, by the way. Dense theming with a distinct style, stacked on a steep hill. Can you imagine a sick terrain woodie there?

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