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    Best maze ever. Wow
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    Wow, love this a ton. The way you've made the outer wall slightly curved is excellent, seems you've taken to cso very nicely. The little streams of water in the maze are lovely as well.

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    Your best work by far.

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    Definitely my favourite of your screenshots currently on the first few pages here :) You're a wizard when it comes to using RCT for something other than building a theme park!

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    Jesus this is beautiful.

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    This is fucking awesome and yeah, probably your best work.

    Really reminiscent of the high fantasy stuff we'd see in h2h, especially a certain h2h park.

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    Love this, it's really starting to move from perfect single views into more immersive park concepts which I love. You really have an individual style, it's just a different approach to the game then anyone else on the site.


    I feel like you would really benefit from some 1-view pieces. Like, a 1k net that is only visible from one direction, then you could make your gorgeous sky mural without it limiting views of the park.

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    Wow this is mad! I'm so glad you've started to combine your unmatched diorama skills with parkmaking, which I've urged you to do since I was sure it'd come out great, and I feel I was right on the money. It looks fantastic, just amazing, and as I love Miyazaki's works I appreciate this even more. A great hybrid form which I think has amazing potential. Your previous dioramas are very eye-catching and pretty, but this is when it gets really interesting for me.


    I am geniunely concerned about the object limit though, that wall of 1k safety nets must consume a lot of slots - but perhaps this is a pretty small scale project?


    FK's idea about objects that are only visible from one angle is interesting too, that could further help merge the diorama style with full parkmaking. Very excited to see how this style evolves.

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    Gorgeous, those rounded walls are really beautifully done. And the large tree is surprisingly effective.
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    Holy shit this is amazing

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    Holy Shit


    The maze alone is one of the craziest but best-executed takes


    This is just unreal

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    Absolutely mindblowing. Best maze I've ever seen.

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    Definitely your best yet!

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    Wow this looks quite surreal, literally. Very exciting to see.

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    would've been great in MM last year.

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    Theres something extremely cinematic about your style and i havent seen anything like that before, very excited to see more

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    What the Sexy? haha wonderful, reminds me of the AVATAR movie :)

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