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    comment below
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    Namibia, is that you?


    I have mixed feelings. The construction feels pretty boxy, which is giving it a throwback vibe. The color choices with the landscaping feel odd, not sure if I dislike it, but it's unusual for sure. 


    Also, the tiled edges with a rounded roof above feels more post-modernist then anything else.

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    Definitely see what FK means by post-modern. Maybe ditch the grass ground texture?

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    Think it looks pretty good. Definitely unique.

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    Love it!

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    I actually quite like this, it's quite basic but something about the building just feels nice to my eyes.

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    Thanks, and yes this is potentially Namibia.  I'll only enter if I can finish the crucial bit to my liking on time, but the coaster and this building is essentially done so I'm on to landscaping next.

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    I like the path and the palm planter
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    I'm really liking this overall. Surroundings still seem a bit messy, probably because there's a different land texture on every side of the building. I think the light sand (top left) works the best alongside the building. That or the red sand.


    Excited to see the coaster. I love me a good reverser coaster!

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    This roof together with the wine color, was very good :) Nice Work

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    Very interesting. I like the sign over the coaster. It had an interesting feel to it.

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