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    This is super cute, seems like Scooby-Doo or Stardew valley. such a vibe.

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    i really like this from you---stepping back slightly from oversaturated color spam, you've got a lovely little composition with great atmosphere

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    This is quite refreshing.  Glad to see you branching out from your style.  I also love the name The Stout Porter.

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    BC #5 on Halloween - Pub/Cafe Challenge!
    (Due Date: 2021/10/31)

    The task was to create a pub or coffee shop, beverages etc.

    Attempting semi-realism (since Cocoa says I'm never realism), I angled for a darker palette and autumnal foliage to frame in some brick/stone buildings and a smidge of water. Agreeing with Liam on the thatch, but I didn't have time to swap out objects before other Halloween commitments took over.

    All in all, one of my better attempts steering away from bright colorful fantasy. Still needs work, but practice is what these BC are all about, sit down and have a pint of porter or stout!

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