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    I'm a fan of large/boxy, and the arches here look nice.  Is the double brake run for the station?

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    Heck yeah it is

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    Excellent! I love the vibe in this area. Maybe consider adding a couple smaller buildings with similar wall colors and same roof colors to tie the area together a bit more. Would also help break up some of the sharp path edges.


    Always enjoy seeing your work!

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    Atomic wing sauce
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    I:C makes some good points, and I advise you to develop the coaster itself a bit more. Custom supports are not quite a must (especially the modern B&M supports, overrated!), but the way it's sitting on the water right now is just too simplistic and random.


    Also reminds me of this.



    Really excited to see more of you and see you improve.

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    I liked the roofs, I think it was very good

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