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    The coaster itself looks great, particularly the interaction you've built in with the rockwork.


    It's a nice screen but there is a sense of randomness to a lot of your choices. For example, you used both custom and default supports, i'd say if you use custom it should be for the entire coaster, particularly this type. The rockwork close to the LOTR pieces looks nice, but then you have some random bits throw about and i'm not sure about the pink rocks, they don't seem to blend in. The architecture in particular feels like a random assortment of different styles, but doesn't really come together cohesively.


    Overall, it's good work, but i'd recommend trying to be more intentional with your scenery choices to take it to the next level.

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    It's a shame this park wasn't finished. I took a look at it in game and there was a lot of potential.

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    Not a bad start. Coaater is great. Can definitely see the Megalite style in it. Good colors. But there's quite s bit that sticks out to me. The rock mountain in the middle just seems off. The rock land bridge/ tunnel seems extremely forced and unnatural. I have no idea what the theme is with the station. It looks western but also could be just about anything. I would have either moved the cupola back one or extended the station one time out to make it part of the roof structure instead of the word 1x1 standalone it is here. Also agree on either all custom or all default supports.
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    Ride-wise this is excellent.  A great mega lite so far from what you've done.  I would love to see you finish up those supports realistically.  


    I can't see off to the left but I wonder if you've provided some viewing of the layout over there.  Otherwise it's kind of tucked away which is a little disappointing for all the general guests to miss out on this great action.  


    The rest kind of feels like something coupon might do, perhaps, which is a good thing.  I'll have to check out the park and see it.  Hope you'll finish something soon.

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    Screenshot of Gambit, Intamin Megalite Style Coaster. It used to be the best coaster in the park IMO until I decided to build an all around better Intamin and RMC.

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