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    This looks awesome!

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    I'd try to simplify the main roof, it's a bit messy and the black flat stuff only distracts. Great work overall though.

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    Pretty cool
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    wow very nice :)

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    Overall, I think this is heading in a great direction. You've got a lot of nice detail and good articulation. Having just looked at your other screen which I felt had some very random architecture choices, this feels a lot more composed. I think looking at a real-life example may have helped?


    I agree with Liam, the roof gets a little heavy, I think largely because all your details are in the same color which blends them into a solid mass. I think cleaning up some of that and considering how details line up due to different depths will help. Also, the two stairs near the front feel a little deco trim heavy. Great work though, I really like the second floor details and the towers.

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    This is actually pretty great, but I do agree about the roof comments.

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    This is great! The white wood panel walls and the detailing all look really convincing.

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    Great work so far. Definitely has a DLP hotel feel from pictures I have seen. Just add some color to the roof details. It looks like it is all on one level right now.
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    Hey thanks y'all! I will try to fix the roof, but it's kinda tricky using those big rounded blocks.

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    Trackitecture roof!
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    Hi! While watching this building, I am forced to imagine that inside, on the ground floor, there are some solid columns supporting everything. Maybe it could be solid walls? But you can't see it. If the supporting elements were to be small columns on the edge, it would be definitely not enough.

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    Working on a hotel entrance for a new theme park.

    inspired by Saltair in Salt Lake City

    But combined with the capacity of Disneyland Paris hotel so I am working to have two wings on both side leading to more hotel rooms. Any path advice?

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