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    That is the best custom Rainbow I have ever seen.  There seems to be a flag missing closest to the rainbow (and I would alternate the colors on them myself)

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    Like I said already, I think this is going to make your park layout a fair bit uglier, but it'll let you throw some more stuff in, which is nice.

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    You have to know when to stop. I mean it all looks nice but with every addition you're losing sense of what the park is and the composition suffers 

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    I don't even know what the park is though :p
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    Very nice.

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    Cool ride! Does it work?

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    Excellent work coups!

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    Looks more like a log flume with all these track types.
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    While technically quite impressive, I think that the colours are too bright [although having not seen a rainbow in real life perhaps this is how they look]. Especially if you stick with the dirt path it sticks out too much. Perhaps a darker colour like teal(?) could work.

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    You've never seen a rainbow? Huh. You are right in that they're not actually that bright, but for the purposes of the ride I think it's better that it's that bright. 

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    ^I live in Adelaide, Australia; there aren't any theme parks within a drivable distance. I've only ever been to one [Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk when I lived in the US] and don't remember seeing one there.

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    I thought you meant actual rainbow...oops

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    Beautifully crafted. Very clean and looks amazing!

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