Screenshot / Tokyo Skyline


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    I love this. Great colors. Very gay. Great stuff
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    Lovely screen

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    Great stuff! Really has the vibe.
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    Simple but very thematically effective.

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    Lovely Screen mate. Really like the middle building.

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    Glad you guys like it! Really thought I did well with color this round.

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    Exteriors are phenomenal, would love to see some small details dotted inside the rooms. Looks great so far!

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    I don't know if I really get Tokyo in particular from this, but it's certainly very strong NCSO work - nice. The rightmost building is the most familiar to me, that one has the right aesthetics going on where the others are perhaps more generic.

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    impressive NCSO

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    This is impressive. Your doing some really good stuff atm!
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    Damn, consider me impressed as well. That's some good looking NCSO. First I thought this was CSO.

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