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    Love that station building. The hall with the black roof definitely taken some inspiration from SFH lol

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    This is getting me slowly in the Christmas mood.... But I don't want to until after 6th of December!


    That's a compliment btw, this is very atmospheric ;)

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    Very nice otter. Agree with Jappy this is coming very timely :)

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    Looking good, no complaints really!
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    @trav yeah I really liked the corner towers. I can change the shape if it’s an issue.
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    This is the cutest thing I've seen in ages. 

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    yeah cute girls, gtfo

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    i love the description - the imagery of a suspended as riding with reindeer.  which train type, traditional or floorless?  love the station, feels wintry for sure.

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    This is really cool with a nice sense of theming. Not sure if this counts as ncso, but whatever.
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    Really love this otter! The snowy trim is very nicely used.

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    Very nice. I want to rant about building ncso with a palette but I decided not to because I have no leg to stand on. I'll go as far as this is not nsco (I switched the tags) but you picked a palette and you're using it to your advantage, the colour scheme is very nice. Archy is great, I love that station building. I think the buildings in the bottom left break the style and atmosphere a bit too much, they look hacky for the sake of it. Curvy black trackitecture roof ending in thatch dormers? Do more of that sweet beige + gold + dark green!! Say no to bricks.

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    Thanks for comments. The brick is continued elsewhere in this themed area.. namely with a dark ride that isn’t complete yet. No worries on the removal of the NCSO tag. I might add a few objects, but I really enjoy the base game objects.

    The buildings on the bottom left are part of the generic Main Street in the park, thus the atmosphere break.
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    Is that the hall from SFH

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    Sorry, I can demolish it. Got carried away I think. 

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    You're fine lol. It'll be nuked anyway. 

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    Adorable :)

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