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    Are the houses stacked on one another? It's really messing with my sense of height and scale in the middle there. The use of the hat stall is a good idea. I feel like this needs to be mixed with land textures to sell the atmosphere and keep it from looking like a mess of objects, which it kind of does at the moment. The lowered flowers look good. More foliage would probably help break it up and give contrast as well.

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    Typical Milo. Simple at first, but full of subtle hacks if you look close. I agree with Ling about the textures, though. Good to see you're building!
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    Nice. Very original.

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    Is it bad that i don't see anything in this screen but a bunch of house objects and a random hole that the coaster goes through?

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    Well, no, because that's about what it is. 


    Doesn't matter, because Milo. 

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    LL is still fun.

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    Awesome to see you building again, dude. Getting a strong Hobbit vibe from this. Keep going!

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    I get that it's tough to sell the heavy use of objects but I want to continue on this just to see how it comes out. I have a couple ideas for typical texture uses but I really want to keep it to a minimum. I really want to create something with more of a vertical aspect than 2x2 or even 1x2 land tiles can achieve.

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    You're doing it well. And it's a nice idea really. I don't remember anyone giving this a serious go.

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    Looks really interesting I think, might get a little repetitive over a large area but looks good in this small context.

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