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    Looks good. I don't know what I'd change. I can't find a very specific color scheme but it still works for me.

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    Interesting supports for the twist!  I like that the rides frame the little plaza with the food court and that the elevation change reinforces it as a little semi-enclosed sub-area.  

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    I dig the compartmentalized feel of the area. Very nostalgic and very well done! Rad style you have going here. Definitely a fan.

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    This is really solid, great start.  I'd suggest adding the angled supports on the top sections of the supports on the twisted spike to accentuate that shape even more.

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    Really enjoy this. Perhaps would enjoy it more with a bit more color in the flowers along the waterfront. The different shades of green flowers would be interesting at water level perhaps?
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    I think yes. 

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    So good

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    Love this, the haunted house flows well with the rest. Detailing is very nice as well. Some more landscaping around the water could do some good though.

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    This is an NCSO dark ride I built in Vertigo Views back in August. I themed the whole park to music and this dark ride was inspired by Mussorgsky’s ‘Baba Yaga’ from Pictures at an Exhibition. There is also an inverted impulse called Papageno (from Mozart’s Magic Flute). I admit the area’s weren’t very well organized but I'm very happy with this section of the park nonetheless. Feedback is welcome!

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