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    this looks very good! i love the classic composition

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    Fantastic Fred ! Probably my fav screen from you !

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    Love the swans!

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    Swan boat ride and track walls are so good. Love this quite a lot
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    I love those swans man, really beautiful
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    Very classy

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    Best I've seen from you Fred, looking forward seeing it ingame!

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    I love those swan boats so much

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    Knowing how the swan boats looked previously, this is indeed a massive improvement!

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    gee! super very good :)

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    This feels like a direct replica from Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  Holy shit you nailed this. 

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    I think the swan ride came out really well, and I love the classic Parisian feel of the station. 


    I think the archy could maybe use a little more variation in roof texture, just to break things up a bit. I'm also not a huge fan of the stacked wooden quarter piece, as I think it looks too repetitive in most cases, but that's me nitpicking. 


    Maybe try adding some more stuff to the pathways, just to break up some of the larger extents, like benches/street signs/more of those excellent lamps/trach cans. 


    That being said, this screen is very well composed and anything I recommend would be really just icing on the cake. 

  • Description

    This square is the ideal spot for the family! The little thrillseekers can scream their hearts out on Mariënkaferbahn. A little bit less thrill but still big fun is a ride on Die schwimmende Schwäne, let our swans take you on a ride through our beautiful garden.

    In Burg Busenstein we show the life of medieval Swabia! And we're sure the dads will appreciate this ride a lot ;)

    - Last screen before finishing the park (expect a 21 release)

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