Screenshot / Wildwood Pt. 2


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    Reminds me of a lot of this park:


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    I'm just realising that for a forest/jungle, there are very very few trees in here. I think the theme makes more sense as a savannah, especially with the yellowish grass.

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    I kinda wanted a jungle/treetops area at first then as I went deeper into building I think it’s more of a marsh. There’s maybe close to a dozen of those overgrown trees and a few jungle trees scattered about.

    The ideas for this park in particular started kinda abstract but now I think I want to do the other areas as 4 different kinds of destruction: overgrowth (wildwood), nuked landscape (boneyard), then the 2 other areas that I haven’t shown yet, Watertonn (water world/raised sea level) and Coba quarry (mining madness). I thought it was a cool idea something not too many have done.
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    Good park concept!

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