Screenshot / Dragon Quest part 1


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    I really like this, awesome work. Colors might be a little chaotic, but it has a great vibe going on. Good work.
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    Good stuff, except the wind turbine/windmill centre screen, not sure how that fits? 

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    Good work! I think the white fences along the path might take a little bit too much attention. You might be better off without them? Really like the rest!
  • RaunchyRussell%s's Photo

    Its so insane to me how much detail you pack into everything. Looks awesome

  • Mattk48%s's Photo

    Great screen. So much going on, so much cool stuff to look at. I agree that the white fences are too much. Try Brown or Black, I think that will really help.

  • FredD%s's Photo

    It's a lovely screen, full of atmosphere. I really like all the interaction with the coaster! I agree with Leon that the white fences are a bit distracting though.

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    So good

  • MrTycoonCoaster%s's Photo

    nice details :)

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