Screenshot / Crazy Launched Coaster


  • MCI%s's Photo

    Nailed it

  • PizzaWurscht%s's Photo

    its too random. let some inversions and turns out. then its fine

  • thirteen%s's Photo

    looks like the kind of coaster we used to build on rct world back in the day. now theme it densly with ncso objects and save the track with scenery and youre so 2002.


    It looks fun and I think its kind of sad people never go crazy with coasters anymore. I mean it can look awesome with theming and the peeps will love it. everything must be so realistic today. 

  • dawidox%s's Photo
    ^well said. Everything has to be "text bookish" nowadays .
  • Shotguns?%s's Photo

    the fuck is this shit. you can still do crazy nowadays but there's still a 72pt line in between what is good and bad.

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