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    The curved archy feels forced but damn, happy Christmas to the rest of it!
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    I really love that reddish brown here, this is some classic Steve.

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    Very pretty, but lacking a bit of substance I feel. Hopefully it's just cos you  want the focus on the coaster!

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    wish that curved thing around the drop was another ride or a queue line.  This is looking great, though.  Classic feel.

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    Yes, Steve! Love the diagonal banked hill! Great stuff!
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    Merry christmas Steve.
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    There's nothing Christmas about this.
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    There's nothing Christmas about this.


    Green and red!

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    I like the sign telling you it's a sign

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    Cool drop son
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    The first drop is where its at!

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    I like the traces of old Steve semi-realism in this.

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    I like the curved arch/balcony, but almost wish it was a dark ride exposed to the sun for a moment vs the black pathing that doesn't curve well unfortunately.  Looks like you're having fun with this/RMC.

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    Love the shapes and ideas in here but feels a bit plain somehow. 

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    You make it look easy and very fun

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    'Sign' is just such a lame coaster name. Almost as bad as 'Ghoul'. 

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