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    I'd change the land type under the train/monorail thing, but looks cool otherwise

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    I think grass works. It's a nice screen, and it's clear you're putting thought and care into the world building which I appreciate.

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    Still looks very lively even without the walking peeps. Good looks!

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    I think the grass works cos there's so much stone pathing otherwise that the grey/rocks land type would be too much of the same.  Dirt could work too, but I like the mixing here.  The yellow trains over green grass are always a lovely combo for me.

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    It feels like an actual place so you succeeded in that area. My main problem is the mixing of those two texturally very similar path types. I'm not convinced yet it works.

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    are there not 4 types of path or am i looking at it wrong?

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    Lovely screen, very atmospheric and very believable. Keep the paths as it is, they work fine.

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    I agree with Jappy on the two path types. Other than that this looks pretty nice and clean.

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    I feel like the actual base wall/structure of the stadium could use some work. Just feels underdeveloped compared to the rest. Stadia definitely feature bare walls like this but typically include minor details and nuance that I'm not seeing here. 


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    I still need to let peeps into this, but i thought as a little christmas present i give you another screen from another angle of Estadio Monteril, a football stadium for 14,500 visitors built in the Monteril City Redevelopment.

    Being located directly in the heart of the city the stadium ca be easily reached by tram or bike or through the Calle Mayor by car. On the other site of the street visitors can find the Parque Monteril, a theme park that was built as part of the urban renewal project to attract more outsiders to the city's wonderful centre. The ownership of Estadio Monteril is split by the city government and the local club CD Monteril in a public private partnership overseen by the Monteril Redevelopment Council.

    Merry Christmas, NE!

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