Screenshot / Parque Monteril cooming soon


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    comment below
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    Very good

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    I really like this a lot, love the colours and the general atmosphere.


    Some small points of criticism:

    - Yellow behind the windows? I'm not sure it fits this style of realism...

    - Ground under the coaster is a bit crude with the land textures and stuff.

    - Long straight section at the end of the coaster is a bit weird?

    - Flat black roofs on buildings... Isn't that usually a theme park architecture quirk? If this is actual Spanish architecture, I'd expect the roofs to go up all the way - or be flat altogether with the flat parts being used as terraces.

    - In general, the architecture can use some variation. The archy inside and outside the park is nearly identical too. You don't have to redo entire buildings, just add something unique to each of them. Can be as simple as varying the window type. Buildings can use some irregularities as well.

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    oops i forgot to do the transfer track before posting the screen. That might explain the long straight section, Liam, haha. I also do agree about the windows, i will see how they look in white and also try some more things out with the ground texture over here.

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    Looking forward to this! That coaster looks super cool. Always wanted to try to make one of these.

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    I agree with Liam's points but overall I still think this looks very nice. The coaster looks very cool and is well done. I especially like the way the coaster contrasts the streetscape behind it.
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    Hey RWE, I am really looking forward to this! I really love everything here, and a suggestion i will throw out there for you is perhaps you could make the catwalks with chainlift multidimensional coaster track instead of the woodie track. I think its got a more metal look to it and it seems more fitting from what I can imagine for the el loco look. Looking forward to the park!!
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    I like the flats and the placement is good on stuff. The center focus with the screen with the station lacks a form for me. A lot of different fences and some trims that don't match the white like the brown or grey wooden wall. It's dwarfed by every other building. Nice to have a more prominent feature for it than just different awning colors.
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    I think it’s your best stuff yet, I’ll disagree with all of Liam’s points, other than the flat black roofs suggestion.

    An improvement is simply having some larger trees overhanging the path more, and getting rid of those awful hedges.
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    Thank you guys also for the comments, really keeping me motivated on the last steps on this. I will definitely try out all your suggestions. Don't expect everything to be changed tho of course. I will for example not get rid off the hedges because i really like them. :p

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    Are you sure you want that many cars on the air race? I can help with that if you want.

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    Are you sure you want that many cars on the air race? I can help with that if you want.


    you got a PM on discord.

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    Seriously love this...

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    A transfer track should help to make the straight piece of track at the end look less weird. You could also add a little hill there. Great coaster though ;)   


    Very much looking forward to the park.

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    Excellent :D :)



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    Thank you 3 for your comments! I agree, Fred, i added a transfer track to fix it.

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    Did you make this flat again? The colors are the even the same hah.

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    haha good catch. fun fact: the one in Westfalenpark was actually built before this. I also changed the design a bit.

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