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    Sexy af. I can never pull off such clean work
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    Fantastic. I love the station and the cleanliness of it all. 

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    Love it. Especially the composition of the drop, waterfall, looping, hanging bridge and station buildings is fantastic.

    The only thing that feels a bit of is the tower of the station building. Not enitrely sure why, but I think the second story needs some kind of overhanging roof or balconies (a crow's nest?) to look better.

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    This is your best work, looks great and awesome little details. Only thing I dislike is the (wooden coaster) rope bridge to rapids steps transition. 

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    Wow, you're fast! Really good stuff, nin. The only thing I don't like, at all, is that misplaced giant sail. It doesn't make sense and seems out of proportion, I think it'll look better with just the tavern tower. Is there also a way to make the stairs not random grey? You've used a custom scenery solution for the waterfall too.

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    Probably the best sloth theme we've ever seen on here.

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    Wait you built all this last night? Damn, that's fast as hell. Amazing stuff.

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    This screen has Covid, so sick
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    hot diggity dog

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    Awesome composition. 

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    Damn you're good.

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    Meh... :D



    Stellar work nin! Great stuff

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    It's so effortless, jesus fucking christ kyle. 

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    Where's my 10% for helping you fix the coaster

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    It's so effortless, jesus fucking christ kyle.

    it's like this kind of work is his job or something. X-D

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    station: hot

    looped brakerun: hotter

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    it's like this kind of work is his job or something. X-D


    scoop can you, like, not be snarky or use the fact that nin is a professional artist as a way to discredit the art he makes in rct?  

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