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    I think it IS one of the best things you ever made. I'm also seeing slightly less of the objects you always use, which is a good thing. 

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    ^ I agree. It's still obviously Jappy, but you've made some fantastic decisions about trees, bushes and rockwork where it's not just plopped everywhere, but it's much more purposeful.... and the building facades are quite well done. There is just the right amount of variety, but still sticking in a similar style. I like the light brown edge of the path that has little bits of variance in it. Overall, really nice work!

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    VERY CLEAN and Easy to read. Great work

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    Like I told you before, literally the only problem I have is that it is all "full block architecture" and looks kinda NCSO-esque due to that. Still, love it!

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    Echo what Faas said. 

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    Probably your best screen yet!  It does look a little wall heavy, especially around the flat, but its not too much of an issue.  Maybe just something to watch out for in the future when doing more detailed archy like this.

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    This is great. Really fun atmosphere. I think V1 has a good point about the tile block architecture - you've made the RCT grid become a bit too apparent and it's mostly because of those 1x1 and 1x2 towers.

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    I think this is definitely your best work. Your style really lends itself well for a pirate theme somehow.

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    I love it ! I don't know why but it also has a Planet Coaster vibe with the pirate theme. :p 

    Not a fan of the backstage buildings though, too big in my opinion.

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