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    comment below
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    I'm looking for 1/2 people for testers... anyone keen for an early peek?


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    I'm torn on whether to test or not, one the one hand I want to help you make this the best it can be, on the other hand I want to be hit with the full, finished project.


    I can't believe this is happening, anyway... Proud of you. Somewhat ironically I think this is the weakest screen you've shown. Especially the top half seems to lack some focus and flow. The path junction that I think is important for readability is obscured by a sudden clump of very tall foliage, and the landscaping on these few tiles leaves something to be desired. The village is beautiful though, with a tighter crop you wouldn't have heard me complaining about anything.


    Hope you take some time to polish the weaker bits, alongside filling the last gaps.

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    Damn I'm Gonna have to install LL again just for this.

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    continues nutting
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    continues nutting
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    I will definitely test if you want, even though I am a little bit in Liam's boat in that this is likely one of the last great moments of a fullsize LL spotlight contender with such strong homage factor. But I'm a decent LL tester of course with good and long experience.


    The screen is amazing in how organic and "wild" it is (just like the map), but in fact also a bit sloppy sometimes (the landscaping mostly).

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    That overview is beautiful, by the way. Thank you for the restrainted advertising, I find myself puzzling the screens together with the overview like I used to do with parks like SFC and Dreamport.

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    I think you should definitely be able to figure out where this is on the map

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    continues nutting




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    I think the foliage is the unsung hero here.  You have cultivated a great style, using stacking and hacking only where absolutely necessary but incorporating enough of it to feel fresh as hell.

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    My body just isn't prepared for all this. But bring it on!

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    So good
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    bottom half is so nice and organic, then you loose that a bit with some of the landscape shapes on the top half of the screen.  Atmosphere is great.

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    needs more color

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    This is awesome! 

    Shame I can't get my RCT working as this is so inspirational.

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