Screenshot / Island Tramway


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    Nothing I'd change. 100% screen for me.

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    I love you so much. Only thing I'd change is the dark brown brick, I think the color is a little too intense to the point of taking away from the main focii.

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    I'm sorry, WHAT?

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    Looks like someone is gearing up for H2HX... Bermuda 2.0? :p

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    Boy be fishing for that number 1 seed
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    Thank you for sharing this. Amazing screenshot!
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    Yup; I love this

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    Easy indigo level here. Pretty crazy screen. Love all the layering, and clever design choices. And how immersive it is, which for me is something not talked about enough with your work.


    I know the theme isn't intending for it, but I'm still somewhat wishing you'd found more ways to cram greenery in there. But at the same time I love how you've been mindful with it in order to respect sightlines.

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    This is like the platonic ideal of a cocoa screen. Love it
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    This is so cocoa-coded. Love it!
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    Perfection. Love it.

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    Awesome composition, lovely work Cocoa!

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    What an absolute banger of a screen! Awesome theme, composition, use of colors. 100%. Only super-little thing is that there are two lampposts on the bridge right next to eachother on both sides. Perhaps this represents a deeper meaning; that in the end, we are all beings longing for emotional closeness, but if this is not the case, than I would change it to just one lamppost.  

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    first of all, it's SO fucking good. feels perfect. feels like a real place that you've copied. the lights are amazing, the little pops of color, the different levels, the scale. all perfect.


    if we're totally nitpicking, i'd make the trams themselves a different color than the architecture so they stand out a little. but honestly who cares, it's amazing, can't wait to see more.

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    Excellent forms all around.


    Only thing that is throwing me off a bit is the island water taxi roof, which I thought was at the water level when I first looked at this.


    Attached Image: cocowatertax 3-18.png


    Even though they are distinctly different colors, the support posts seem to get a bit lost in the dock texture from afar, removing some of the punch from the height. I know what it is supposed to look like when I consciously envision it with the posts, but if I just casually glance at it, it's sort of in a "boats can go on the roof" position.

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