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    ooh i love the scale. very butterfinger, but better

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    Took one comment before the Butterfinger influence got recognized. I haven't looked at any of his work prior to doing this it's definitely not a rip off like so much of my LL, but definitely inspired by the 1x1 look he had at times.

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    Interesting. Very rough and unpolished, but not unlikable. Reminds me of Schuessler's Venice area in Moonlight Magic. The Asian tree foliage could be inspired by that.


    Otherwise looks a bit like what an AI would put out after we've taught it the more successful styles of LL that have existed, with the Natelox percentage set to at least 50%, and weirdly also Butterfinger at around 20%.



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    I don't understand what any of the path is doing, but I don't hate it.  Looks like pure build-for-the-image and I'm not sure how the ride itself will be highlighted.

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    I'm not much of a fan. The foliage is nice enough but it feels like random brown slop on the whole without something to break up all the brown rooves.

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    I like the overall brush strokes, and the little pop of coaster. This isn't related to your speed park is it?
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    Your last couple screens have a great experimental edge and I am glad you're giving something like this a shot in LL.  I suppose one issue you could run into is readability with path on path textures.  Things like the 1x1 double layer of dirt path in the arch over the path are neat.  It might also work incorporated with the ride(s) as awnings that double as "supports" for the ride and create layered arches with surrounding buildings.  The foliage could use a second pass.

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    I don't care for the grass underneath the paths, but as a whole I really dig this.

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    The single paths make me hope this will be peepable.
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    Thanks for the comments. I'm more confident than you guys are, partially because I cropped out the best bits. ;) I think I'll get rid of the grass under the paths though, that isn't working out.


    @Xtreme: not related to speed building! Although building in LL is always speed building. I don't think I've used a trainer yet actually.


    @Milo: not a bad idea to use paths for supports! I added the paths last minute, this didn't cross my mind yet. And yeah, foliage isn't there yet.


    @Faas: we'll see how they behave with some dead ends, but I have the same hope. :)

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    Unusual but intrigueing. Keep going.

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    Not sure I get it.  It feels very purposefully outside of what your approach lends to building, and is far less interesting.


    Looks like throwing stuff at the map and hoping to find an cool aesthetic and you haven't found it yet.

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