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    Quite interesting. I like how you're adopting the "blend architecture" style that just randomly grows. In this screen almost mildly reminiscent of Butterfinger. It does feel a little bit random perhaps, and as if you're forcing yourself to stay away from overused LL design formulas. Not a bad thing, but sometimes strange. Trees trapped in holes?

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    Again, it takes only one comment for a Butterfinger comparison! I can elaborate a little. I personally think this park is a mix of Butter's 1x1 style, Altamont, and Thoughts. Trying to stick to a single tile grid (avoid 2x2 surfaces or larger) to match the single wide paths in scale.


    Trees in holes are trees in courtyards. ;)

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    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, really nice job Liam, :)

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    the basegame purple flowers make the whole screen tbh

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    Its great. I love the courtyard buildings.
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    Good screen, if my opinion counts, haha. Love the single wide paths. Like a dedication to the game at it’s most raw; when played as scenarios. And if this park contains a mixture of thoughts, I demand FantastiCo find his way out of being lost in space.

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    I demand FantastiCo find his way out of being lost in space.


    Can't believe you recall that. Definitely need to put you in now.

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    Very nice,  a bit less experimental than previous screens but a fresh use of some classy texture combos (peach and wood).  The flowers look great and I like the little courtyards.  I could take or leave the logs but the Egyptian pieces add some variety.  Keep up the LL flow!

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