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    I applaud the approach. Interesting shape that came out of this, and I like the aesthetic too. If you develop some more routine you will probably find a kind of automatism for more compositional cohesion, which lacks a little as of yet.

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    I like what you've done so far. A little bit Beejer-like. I hope you finish it.

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    I really like that, Centric! Very original and it looks good

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    A bit Beejer, but also a bit JKay, taking the unorthodox object selection into consideration - JKay did that at times. You should look up Rocky Mountain Mystique if you haven't seen it yet, it may be the gold standard for these kind of parks. As for feedback: just keep going!

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    The red path is a nice contrast to the stonework.

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    This was made last year in Sept. but never finished it. Nothing was planned for this coaster, everything made up on the spot over time.

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