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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(  I would love to see a Chessington inspired park!

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    What a shame. Build it again :p

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    This is exceptionally beautiful and it shows that you are easily able to keep up with todays standards, so don't worry about that! Really hope to see more Louis work sooner or later

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    Shit, hard drive crashes are rough... Sorry man. This screen shows that you still got it, probably more than ever.


    Everytime I've lost something and had to rebuild, it came out better, though. Maybe it's worth it? :)

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    maybe go to expert and he can saved with spezial tools some data, or switch into another pc and test your hard drive. maybe the disk is not defective but only another component and therefore the pc does not recognize the disk anymore. experts can usually recover data from hard disks that do not start if the memory is not defective. in most cases, it is rather the read head or the motor that causes the time
    And put an external hard drive and every week data backup.


    we pray for it a short minute of silence

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    Shit, I loved what I saw of this. :(
    Like the new avatar btw
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    Sorry to hear man. Hopefully you kick on and make some amazing RCT soon! This project looked great
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    Damn. I can't even imagine. I think I'm gonna upload everything to a thumb drive or something from now on if this ever happens to me. From what you've shared it looks fantastic, start it again please! 

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    Solid work, I missed Louis RCT. Use the crash as a (literal) palette cleanse and start a new chapter of work!

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    y'all ever heard of cloud storage

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    Aw that's so atmospheric.  I'm really enjoying it.  Would love to see some new 2021 Louis work.  

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    Such a shame. I hope this doesn't let you down to start anew.

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    : -(

    gorgeous work tho!

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    This is amazing ! 

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    Awesome work, what a shame...

  • Description

    So in 2020 I had a hard drive crash and I lost everything I had worked on from 12+ years ago, finished, unfinished, shared & unshared.

    This screen shows a large portion of my most recent work (2020) that I hadn't sent to anyone, and thus is lost forever.

    Vampire @ Chessington

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